Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 16: My Views on Mainstream Music

Mainstream music, I am guessing, is what you mostly hear on the radios. I'm not going to act super chic and special and say that I don't like mainstream music because I do.

However, I do like music that doesn't make it to the radio. Some of the greatest songs are by artists that aren't very known and haven't made it big yet. It's something about the authenticity of the song. I believe that once artists or bands are signed to a label and are very well known, it's easy to lose the true artistry of their work and simply, create hits.


  1. I completely agree! There are some great mainstream songs though; hence why they're mainstream, but some songs that you wouldn't hear on the radio are so amazing! I think they are really amazing when they're not played on big radios because you get to feel more close to the music plus I find less mainstream music has the best meanings! x


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