Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 07: My Zodiac Sign & If It Fits My Personality


My zodiac sign is Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd). Some traits or characteristics that Leos are known for is their masculinity, warm spirit and their love for receiving attention or affection. The sign of Leo depicts power and majesty. They are said to have "lazy ambition and strength" meaning that they are ambitious, but use their power and ambition in times of need. They love being the center of attention, are very social beings and appreciated being flowered with affection and gifts. They are kind and when in relationships, they are extremely passionate. They strive for power and social standing and can be very influential if they want. They are also known for their generous nature. They love to shower those whom they love with gifts. 

Leos also are known to be arrogant and aggressive. They are very passionate so when they feel a negative emotion, they really feel it. They are very particular about money related issues and they also have a big ego, which can be a problem for others. They do not take criticism easy and take critiques to heart because they are usually sensitive at heart. They can also seem to be melodramatic to others, however, this is because they feel each emotion very intensely. 

I'm not sure if I believe in zodiac signs, but I do find eerie similarities with my sign's characteristics and myself and also with others. I usually look up someone's zodiac sign to see if it fits their personality and usually, it does. As far as the Leo goes, I think I do fit my zodiac sign well. With both the positive and negative traits, it pretty much, describes me. 


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