Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 06: 30 Interesting Facts About Myself

1. I am left handed & this complicates my school life in more ways than one.
2.I am half Puerto Rican and half Montenegrin.
3. I have two different shaped ears.
4. I absolutely hate my hands.
5. I've always had a weird fear of not being able to have children.
6. I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.
7. My favorite color is green, but I don't own anything green.
8. I like Vanilla and Chocolate but prefer them to be together.
9. I hate planes but I like to travel to different places.
10. I am clean and organized, but only in spurts.
11. I've changed my profession in my head a million and one times.
12. I'm scared of the future.
13. I guess I'm a child at heart.
14. I'm the biggest hopeless romantic, my boyfriend could tell you.
15. I love reading, but barely do.
16. My zodiac sign is a Leo and it fits me, almost completely
17. I think of myself as outgoing but I don't trust many people and have very few friends.
18. I was bullied in middle school which helped shape how I interact with people today.
19. I am a total foodie. Food makes me so happy.
20. I really, really hate my middle name. If you know it, I love you.
21. I live for rollercoasters, they're my favorite part of amusement parks.
22. With people that I love, I find it hard regulating my emotions.
23. I really, really want a dog but no one will allow me to have one.
24. I'm more sensitive than I would like to admit.
25. I used to play the flute really well.
26. I love strawberry milkshakes but I hate strawberry ice cream.
27. I need some sort of blanket to sleep, regardless of how hot it is.
28. My favorite breakfast meal is anything other than breakfast.
29. I think about my loved ones dying a lot.
30. I'm really bad at thinking about interesting things about me.

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