Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day 03: My Views on Drugs & Alcohol

I think it's up to people if they want to partake in any alcohol or drugs. Personally, I enjoy a drink socially from time to time and I don't do any drugs. That doesn't mean that I look down on those who decide to.

Overall, I believe that your body is meant to be taken care of. There is a thin line between enjoying alcohol socially and relying on it. I think when alcohol is drunk responsibly and in moderation, I think it's acceptable.

How you treat your body is how your body will treat you. People sometimes take their health for granted. With drug use, I think it's important to stay clear of drugs. Drugs have temporary "benefits" and do long term damage, physically and mentally.

I'm not going to say "Just Say No", but you catch my drift.

What are your views on this topic? Let me know. 

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