Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Items Every Girl Should Have in Her Makeup Bag

Every girl who loves makeup needs her very own makeup bag. A woman's makeup bag is one of her
most prized possessions. And, for good reason. Whether your makeup bag is small or big, it can do wonders while traveling. Whether you're just going to work or going on a vacation, a makeup bag always comes in handy. I've put together a little list of some essentials that every woman should have in her makeup bag.

The Basics: 

1. Foundation/BB Cream 

Foundation is a must, in any makeup bag. For days that you want a more natural look, BB cream is also great. 

2. Concealer

Concealer is perfect for everyone, whether you need to cover up dark circles or you simply want to brighten up your under-eye area, a concealer needs to be in a makeup bag.

3. Mascara

Need I say it? Of course mascara is a must, it ranks high as a desert island choice. 

4. Eyeliner 

Eyeliner can put together any look, simple or glam. 

5. Lipstick/Lip gloss

Lipstick is an essential part of makeup, why not have it in your makeup bag? 

6. Brow Pencil/Brow Gel 

A girl's brows can really frame her face. Brows are super important when doing your makeup, I don't know what we did before the #eyebrowsonfleek stage. 

Some Extras:

7. Chap Stick/Lip Balm

Every girl needs lip balm for those days that her lips are feeling kind of chappy. Lip Balm is always needed before applying lipstick, too!

8. Bronzer 

Who doesn't want to be a bronzed goddess? Bronzer can make a huge difference on days you want to do something a little extra without it looking like you did something extra, right? 

9. Bold Lipstick 

I love my nudes and my pinks and even browns but when I want to make a statement, I always put some bold lipstick on. Have you ever had a day that turned into a night and you needed more nighttime appropriate makeup? Well, here you go!

10. Tweezers

Looking into the mirror and seeing a couple brow hairs that don't belong will always haunt me. Tweezers easily do the trick. Last minute cleaning of the brows never hurt anyone!

11. Makeup Remover Wipes 

Have you had those days that your makeup just happens to mess itself up, leaving you left wondering how it happened? Or a day where you expected to go home but ended up at a friend's house instead? This is where these bad boys come to play. Makeup Remover Wipes always come in handy, even when you think you won't need them. 

12. Eye Makeup Remover 

Along with makeup remover wipes, it's also smart to carry around a small bottle of eye makeup remover. That stubborn waterproof eyeliner isn't going to come out on it's own. 

13. Makeup Setting Spray 

I am obsessed with a good makeup setting spray. To be honest, I like to use a makeup setting spray after I'm done applying my makeup and also, throughout the day. Spraying your face throughout the day with some of this stuff, helps to refresh your face and makeup, making you appear more awake and fresh. 

14. Q-Tips 

Now, I know winged eyeliner is the devil we all love to hate, but sometimes I leave the house with winged eyeliner so perfect it's ready to fly and other times, I simply don't. Q-Tips are perfect for cleaning up the wings of your eyeliner throughout the day, if you see an unexpected smudge or you realize they weren't that great likeyou thought they were in outdoor lighting. 

15. Makeup Sponge 

A makeup sponge, such as a BeautyBlender, always comes in handy in a girl's makeup bag. Sometimes, we leave the house with no makeup and want to apply the makeup on-the-go. But, I like to keep a spare makeup sponge with me, just in case. And trust me, it does come in handy during some unexpected times.



  1. These are all essentials! But I mostly carry around lip balm and wipes as I don't wear make up everyday. But when I do have it on, I always have all of these things in my makeup bag :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. Your makeup bag is ADORABLE!!! And I love your lip color choices too! I love colors with hints of purple or peach in them :)

    Elle |

  3. I've just recently started putting Q-Tips in my makeup bag and they have been life savers!!

    Parie x


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