Monday, March 14, 2016

25 Things that All Beauty Addicts Can Relate To

I am declaring, without shame, that I am a beauty addict. And if you're reading this, you must, in some way, love makeup as well. I am more than obsessed and addicted to makeup and I don't feel bad about that in any way. Makeup is a way to express myself creatively. You may not see the relationship you have with your makeup to be a problem, but you may be addicted. And if you can relate to more than one of these, you probably are.

1. Your favorite place in the world is Sephora, or any other makeup store. 

2. You get super excited opening up and trying new beauty products.

3. You feel weird leaving the house without your makeup bag.

4. Taking care of your skin is very important because you want your makeup to look its best. 

5. You accumulate at least five lipsticks and lip-glosses in your purse at all times.

6. You still have time to remove your makeup, cleanse your face & moisturize even when stumbling in at 4am in the morning.

7. You're constantly looking for new places to store your makeup. 

8. Nothing makes you happier than when your makeup is perfect. 

9. You have no shame in asking someone what highlight they have on. 

10. Once in a while, you find a makeup product that you forgot to try & wonder how that ever happened.

11. Running into the drugstore to pick up one thing turns into a half hour strolling in the beauty aisle.

12. All of your friends and family ask you for makeup advice.

13. You count down the days until a new makeup product launches. 

14. You put 20 items in your cart online and then realize that you don't have the money for all of that, bringing you back to earth. 

15  You own more than 10 makeup brushes. No brush is the same! 

16. No matter how many palettes you have, when a new one is released, you feel compelled to buy it.

17. Nothing feels better than putting on your favorite lipstick.

18. You want to hurt someone when they tell you that you don't need another nude lipstick. 

19. You know the difference between BB, CC and DD creams.

20. Creating a new makeup look makes you feel like picasso. 

21. The words "limited edition" makes you want to buy 100 of them. 

22. Getting ready for a night out creates a mess that takes a hefty time cleaning up in the morning. 

23. You don't mind eating Ramen noodles for dinner if it means buying that new, pretty expensive foundation. 

24. It still takes about a half hour to get an all natural "I woke up like this" look. 

25. You can easily spend hours on Youtube watching makeup tutorials. 

So, what's the verdict? Are you addicted to beauty as much as I am? Probably. 



  1. Loveeee this post!!! So true aha!!

  2. I can relate to all of these - especially coming in later but doing a full skincare routine! My girlfriend and I joke that when we move in together we're going to have to throw all of our crockery out so we can have enough room for our combined make up collections.

    Sammy xo.

    1. Definitely, finding room for makeup for one person is hard enough! I can't imagine two people haha. By the way, I love your blog. I followed you on Bloglovin'!

  3. Everything in this post is SPOT ON!

    Parie x

  4. Haha, I love the gif at the end.I am literally all of them! By the way, I also nominated you for a Lip Product tag so if you like give it a go :D you can find it on my blog. XX


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