Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Benefits of Using Bloglovin'

Say hello to my little friend, Bloglovin'. For those who do not know what Bloglovin' is, let me explain.

Bloglovin' is a great website for bloggers to connect with other bloggers. Bloglovin' is a great site to follow all of your favorite blogs as it keeps you up to date with their blog posts. For bloggers, it allows readers to easily follow up with your posts. In a way, it's like Pinterest for blogs or Instagram but instead of random photos, you'd see their blog posts. It also has cool options such as saving the post for later use if you really like it or sharing the post with others.

 It is a great marketing tool to promote your blog to possible new readers. What is great about Bloglovin' is that it filters out blogs that are most relevant to yours so that you can easily find the blogs that interest you. This is great for bloggers because Bloglovin' attracts readers that will want to follow your blog continuously.

It helps new readers find your blog. Especially when you're new to blogging or don't have a big following on your blog, it's a great tool to gain followers who are interested in your particular niche.

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Do you use Bloglovin' to follow some of your favorite blogs? How do you best utilize the site for your own blog? Let me know. Feel  free to leave your Bloglovin URLs down below :) 



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