Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Do-It-Yourself Primer

I know how it feels to pick up a makeup product, see the price, feel shocked and then contemplate whether it is truly worth that pretty penny. Certain makeup products, I am more inclined to spend big bucks on than others. Personally, I would willingly spend more money on a foundation that I really wanted, than on a lipstick.

One makeup product that I very rarely spend a lot of money on is a primer. I know the importance of a primer in a makeup routine, however, I hate spending my money on something that I won't actually see. I know, I know, it is still important. But I always have to convince myself that it's worth it, so I usually opt for cheaper alternatives that are just as great as the high-end primers.

Glycerin is the main ingredient in primers and it is the one ingredient that I always look for when purchasing one. Glycerin is the ingredient that gives primers it's properties that we look for, such as moisturizing, smoothing and increasing the longevity of our makeup.

So, I decided to purchase a bottle of pure Glycerin in hopes to create my own primer. You can purchase Glycerin in any drugstore for relatively cheap. I mixed a small amount of glycerin in with my moisturizer and applied it to my face. I used three parts moisturizer and one part glycerin. I applied the primer and waited about 10 minutes before beginning to apply my foundation and the rest of my makeup.

I was very impressed with the results. I had my makeup on for about 9 hours before I took it off and the primer seemed to work like any other primer that I own and love. My makeup looked as it did when I applied it, my skin still seemed smooth and my pores looked small, almost non-existant. The foundation appeared flawless, like I just applied it and that is what I look for in a primer. Overall, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for a primer and one that works well, you should definitely try this. Pick up any bottle of Glycerin and mix it in with your moisturizer and voila!

Have any of you tried this before? Comment down below! :) 



  1. Will surely give this a try! I just hope the drugstore near our home carries this product :)

    Elle |

    1. You should! I love how it works and it is very affordable too!

  2. So happy I came across your post, will defo be trying this out!

    B X


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