Thursday, March 17, 2016

8 Ways to Fake 8 Hours of Sleep

Being a blogger currently in College can sometimes become somewhat stressful. Being a student, in general, can leave me with many sleepless nights. Waking up and feeling like you look like you've had a rough night is not the best way to start your day. One of my pet-peeves is when someone tells me, "Hey, you look tired." But, of course, I know this! Puffy, red eyes, dark under eye circles and dull skin are clear indicators that you haven't slept enough. But even though you haven't had a good night sleep, that doesn't mean you should look like it! Well, I've compiled 10 ways to fake it as though you have had 8 hours of sleep, even when you haven't.

1. Hydrate your Skin

Usually when we're tired, our skin will show it by being lackluster and dull. Hydrating your skin is the best first step to waking up your skin. Use a denser, thicker moisturizer that will surely do the trick. Not only will this leave your skin hydrated and awake, but this will also leave a great base for your makeup.

2. Concealer, concealer, concealer.

Concealer is the key to covering up dark circles underneath your eyes. When you're tired, the first place that it can be shown is in that undereye area. Applying your concealer in an upside-down triangle underneath your eyes is a great way to really brighten up your face.

3. Dewy foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

Being tired does not mean that you should have dull, lifeless skin. Putting on a matte foundation is probably not the best choice for your sleepless days. Any foundation that has a dewy finish is preferred because dewy/sheer skin looks healthier and makes you appear more awake.

4. Line your Lower Lashes

Lining your lower lash line is perfect for days that you're tired. This is one of my favorite tricks, but don't use just any color! Using a nude or white eyeliner in your waterline helps makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter. I personally prefer using a nude color because it looks more natural and beige or nude colors does a better job at canceling out any redness of the eyes. If you want a more noticeable look, white eyeliner will definitely do the trick.

5. Curl Those Lashes

Curling your lashes is a great way to help you appear less tired. I love curling my lashes and that using a voluminous mascara because I notice that it really helps my eyes appear more open.

6. Illuminate that Foundation

Not only do you want a dewy foundation but because you look tired, you might want to go the extra mile. I like to put liquid illuminator and mix it in with my foundation, it makes your skin look even more awake and brightened.

7. Stay Light on the Lips

For days that you are tired, it's probably best to go for a light pink, rosy or nude lipstick. The colors in your natural complexion are always much more flattering than a dark lipstick. Dark lips add years to our face and they also can add attention to your under-eye area. Lip gloss also is great for those days.

8. Arch Your Brows 

Having full, arched brows takes the attention away from the center of your face, where your tired eyes would be. It also helps make your eyelids appear lifted. It is perfect for those sleepless nights.



  1. These are great tricks!!! I find that keeping the skin hydrated does the biggest change! :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thank you! And yes, moisturizer is definitely a must!

  2. Hit it right on the money girl. These are great tricks to look like you slept! I pinned it too <3 Happy Thursday!

  3. Concealer and brows are definitely my go-tos! Great tips! <3

    xo Marie

    1. Definitely, they make such a difference. Thank you! I love your blog!

    2. Aw thanks girl! I love yours too! xo

  4. Amazing tips. I started doing this and also taking sleeplessness dietary supplements to regularize my sleep cycle.


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