Monday, February 22, 2016

Why You Should Love Your Curls

Growing up, I never quite knew how to deal with my hair in the proper way. So the amount of times that I left the house with my curls in a messy, frizzy fro are endless, seriously. I hated my hair for most of my adolescent years, wishing that my hair was more like my friends' hair. Why couldn't I have those nice loose waves or straight hair? Up until a couple years ago, I had no idea what to do with my curls so I drenched them with gel, mousse and hairspray and hoped for the best..

One thing that I have learned through the last 5 years is that my hair is b e a u t i f u l, in every sense of the word. My hair always got tons of compliments daily, but until I started to take care of my curls naturally, I never understood why.

Whether you have loose waves or tight kinks, your hair is beautiful and here's why:

1. It's unique: Let's face it, curls are not common and most of the time, you will stand out in a crowd. Take that opportunity and run with it. Realize and love that people will constantly be staring at your hair and might even be wishing they owned that curly mane. No two curls are the same, and two curly-haired girls will not have the same curls. Each head of curls have different curl patterns and textures and that makes you unique.

2. It's versatile: You can do almost anything with your curls, which makes the amount of hairstyles possible endless. Many styling options are not available for those with straight hair. The  texture of your curls will allow you to style your hair into almost  every type of 'do possible. Wear it natural, style it up, soften those curls into waves, straighten your hair if that's your prerogative. It's all up to you and that's the beauty of it!

3. It's voluminous: No need to look for products that will help you achieve voluminous hair. Your hair is the epitome of volume and will never look flat and dull. This is every girl with thin and straight hair's dream, so embrace it!

4. It helps your personality stand out: Apparently, people with curly hair tend to appear more carefree, fun and adventurous. I don't know how true this stands, but it doesn't hurt to have people relate positive attributes to your hair, am I right?

5. You don't have to brush or wash it as often: Now unless you're styling your hair in a particular up-do, you most likely won't be brushing your hair in any way on a daily basis. Brushing curls before you leave the house is a huge mistake as it leaves your hair in a frizzy, puffy mess. Also, curly hair doesn't need to be washed daily. In fact, it is healthiest for curly hair to be washed 2-3 times a week because constant washing causes curly hair to lose moisture and become dry. Therefore, in a way, if you minus the styling products that we put in our hair, curly hair is low maintenance, day to day. Wash-n-go girl, wash-n-go!

Go curly hair, go!

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