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Finding the Right Foundation For You

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I know it can be truly daunting walking into a makeup store and picking out a foundation for yourself. Sometimes, it seems nearly impossible. I made mistakes in the past and have gotten a shade lighter or darker than my actual skin tone and it really sucks. Some of us can contour our faces like a pro or achieve the perfect smokey eye, yet picking the right foundation seems super scary. No one wants to be that girl that walks out into natural lighting and realizes that her face is a complete different color than her neck. However, foundation is your base and can make a huge difference for the rest of your makeup. So knowing how to find the right foundation shade is important for all of us makeup lovers. 

Picking your Foundation Shade: 

Your foundation shade is how light or deep your shade is. Most people know whether their shade is fair, light, medium or deep but sometimes it can get sorta skewed. If you burn easily in the sun, most likely you have fair or light skin. If you tan easily, you're probably medium. If you have darker skin, then you are deep. When you figure out your shade, you can usually limit your foundation choices to a few shades. However, your skin's undertone also makes a huge difference and should be taken into account when picking out your foundation.

Picking your Foundation's Undertone: 

Finding out your undertone can be daunting as well, but is really important when picking your foundation. You can have one of three undertones- cool, neutral or warm. Your skin's undertone doesn't change, regardless of how much sun exposure you get. It is the color in your skin. For those with a cool undertone, usually have more pink in your skin, typically look better with silver jewelry and have blue veins in their wrists. For those with a warm undertone, they have more yellow in their skin, look better in gold jewelry and have a greener color in their veins. For those lucky ones with a neutral undertone, they have a combination of both warm and cool undertones and usually everything looks good on them. I can go more into detail about undertones, just let me know! 

Picking the Perfect Foundation: 

After figuring out what shade and undertone is perfect for your skin, it's time to pick the perfect foundation. There are many different types of foundation and so many great makeup companies to choose from. It is always a good idea to test different foundations out before you choose one and also realize that the drugstore has great, cheaper alternatives to high-end foundations. Some makeup companies have a greater range of shades, such as NARS and Make Up For Ever. If you're having trouble finding your specific shade, try one of those makeup companies. 

When testing out a foundation, the best part of your face to apply it is on your jawline. This is mainly because you want to find a foundation that matches the color on your neck. This may be different to the color of your face but when the foundation is on, the only place people will notice if it does not match, is from your neck. Remember that in the summer, your skin can get 2 -3 shades darker. When picking out your foundation, get a second foundation two shades darker for the summertime. Remember, you can always mix foundation shades to find the perfect color for that specific time of year. 

When picking the perfect foundation, take into account what type of skin you have. Some foundation types are better for a certain skin type. For example, if you have very dry skin, you may want to opt out of getting a powder foundation. If you have oily skin, try to find a foundation with a matte finish instead of a dewy finish. Liquid and cream foundations are my favorite but may not work for you. Find out what's best for your skin type.

Remember, that it can be hard finding the perfect foundation. But knowing your undertone and your foundation shade can make the process much easier. Keep in mind your skin type and which foundation types are the best for that. Don't worry, practice truly does make perfect. 


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