Monday, February 29, 2016

Battle of the Eyeliners: Pencil, Gel or Liquid Eyeliner

We all love eyeliner, don't we? Sometimes, it can be quite challenging applying it though. Since ancient Egypt, women knew the power of eyeliner. Eyeliner shapes the eyes and adds depth to our expressions. Eyeliner can make a huge difference on any women's face. Most women have some sort of eyeliner in their makeup bag and that's because eyeliner has been considered a staple of makeup for decades. Between the three major types of eyeliners, which one is the best for you? Which type is the best for a specific look or occasion? Now, let's look at the three types: pencil, gel and liquid eyeliner.

Pencil Eyeliner:

Pencil eyeliner is probably the most popular types of eyeliner in the world. Pencil eyeliners can be found anywhere and everywhere and is probably the first type of eyeliner you experimented with as a teenager, am I right?

Pencil eyeliners:

  • Available everywhere and in every color you could imagine 
  • Perfect for those on the go because it's relatively easy and quick to apply 
  • Great for beginners 
  • Can be used also in the waterline to give your eye a more defined look
  • Smudges easily for a sexy, sultry look
  • Doesn't last all day, usually needs some reapplying 
  • Not great for creating a defined, sharp line and not as dark as gel or liquid eyeliners
  • Needs to be sharpened and can smear

Gel Eyeliner:

Gel eyeliner is one of the newest trends in eyeliner over the last few years and is my favorite type of eyeliner to apply. Some people are intimidated of the thought of gel eyeliner and the thought of using a brush to somehow paint it on their eyelids. However, gel eyeliner is the newest craze for many reasons. Here's all about gel eyeliners: 

Gel Eyeliners:
  • Water resistant and long wearing 
  • Gives a somewhat dramatic and glam look 
  • Allows control over the thickness of the line 
  • Large range of colors
  • Suitable for creating any type of line you desire
  • Can dry out in pot 
  • Isn't the most travel friendly because of the brush 

Liquid Eyeliner:

Liquid eyeliners probably is the second most popular type of eyeliner out there. They might also be the most difficult to apply for some. They are definitely for those who are comfortable with applying eyeliner and have a steady hand. However, liquid eyeliners can create beautiful, defined eyes. Here's all about liquid liners. 

Liquid eyeliners:
  • Apply very precisely on the eye for the thinnest or most dramatic eye
  • Intense pigmentation 
  • More long-lasting than pencil eyeliners
  • Comes in various colors 
  • Can not be used in the waterline
  • Not a great choice for beginners 


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