Friday, April 8, 2016

My Top 10 Favorite Beauty Hacks


As a girl who loves makeup, I am always on the lookout for more beauty hacks. Anything that will make my life easier or my makeup routine better, will intrigue me. Who doesn't love learning new tips and tricks, right? Over the years, I've learned some life-changing beauty hacks that have really changed the way that I do my makeup.

DIY Primer

This hack is perfect for those who love DIY projects or love good, cheap alternatives to makeup products. A great way to create your own DIY Primer is by combining glycerin and a moisturizer of your choice. It's affordable and works so well as a primer. If you want to learn more, check out my blog post all about it here.

Want a Matte Lipstick? 

Matte Lipsticks are all the craze right now. Everyone loves the appearance of a matte lip, right? Well, that doesn't mean that you have to throw out all of your other lipsticks! You can turn any lipstick into a matte lipstick with just one product- translucent powder. After applying your lipstick, grab some of your favorite translucent powder and dab it onto your lips two or three times. This creates the perfect matte version of your lipstick.

Looking for some new Blushes? 

I never used to love blushes as much as I do now. So for a while, I didn't have a lot of blushes to choose from. This beauty hack has saved me from spending money on blushes by using what I already own. If you want new blushes, grab a lipstick in a shade that you would want as a blush. All you have to do for this beauty hack is rub a little of the lipstick into one or two of your fingers and apply it to your cheeks in a dabbing motion. Using a dabbing motion will ensure that it appears blended and not harsh on the cheeks. You can apply as much as you would like but I would suggest starting off slowly. 

Need Help Painting Your Nails? 

I am not good at painting my own nails. No matter how much practice I get, my nails always seem sloppy and the edges of my nails don't look clean. If you're like me, this beauty hack will be perfect for you. All you need is a small, thin makeup brush and nail polish remover. After you're done with painting your nails, wait for them to dry completely. Take your makeup brush and dip it into your nail polish remover. You can then start cleaning up any of the mistakes you might have made with the makeup brush without having to remove all of the nail polish on that nail.

Coconut Oil Works Miracles 

Coconut oil is one of the best investments a girl can make. Coconut oil is the ultimate beauty hack because it has many different uses. It is great for your skin, nails, lips and most importantly, your hair. Coconut oil is a great skin and lip moisturizer and when applied to your hair, it gives your hair a lot of moisture, shine and smells amazing. Coconut oil is also great as a makeup remover. You can apply the coconut oil to your face and it breaks down your makeup while leaving your skin feeling moisturized. 

Concealer in a Triangle

Another beauty hack that makes a difference in your makeup routine is how you are applying your concealer. Applying your concealer just underneath your eyes is a common makeup mistake. Drawing an upside-down triangle underneath your eyes with your concealer will help cover up your dark circles while lifting your face and making you appear more awake. Also, your concealer will look more blended and less noticeable to others. No makeup makeup look, right? 

Multi Masking

I am such a fan of masks. I apply a mask to my face at least once a week, sometimes twice. But sometimes my skin has multiple issues at once. The center of my face might be oily and I might be breaking out on my cheeks. However, not all masks are the same. So, one beauty hack that I personally love is applying multiple masks on my face at once. If a certain area is feeling dry, I'll apply a moisturizing mask there and if another area is breaking out, I'll apply another mask there. Multi-masking helps you address all of your skincare problems at the same time. 

Silicone Mitt

I don't like the idea of buying brush cleaners ever since I learned about this trick. Buying a silicone mitt is easy and affordable and it is the most perfect brush cleaner, ever. Many different makeup companies have released their own versions of silicon brush cleaners but buying a silicon mitt online works the same and can save you a few dollars.  Who doesn't like saving money, right?

Foundation on Your Shirt? 

We have all been there. We were just doing our makeup and we could swear that we were being careful but somehow we managed to get some foundation on our shirt. It is one of the most aggravating parts of getting ready. One beauty hack that really works well for that problem is.. Shaving Cream! Yes, shaving cream. Before tossing your shirt in the wash, apply a dollop of shaving cream on the stain and rub it in. This helps the makeup stain really go away.

Vaseline and Perfume? 

Have you ever applied perfume and two hours later, there is not a hint of that scent on you anymore? No one wants to carry their perfume around all day so if your perfume doesn't last as long as it should, this beauty hack is for you. Apply vaseline to your pulse points first and then spray the perfume on those areas. This will help prolong the wear of your perfume. The vaseline holds as a base on your skin and the perfume scent sticks to the vaseline. Science. 


  1. You have shared some great tips. I always have a problem with foundation falling into my shirt . Now i can easily remove it. Great blog !! Have a great day :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad that it helped!

  2. These are seriously awesome! I've never heard of a silicone mitt, so glad u shared this! I keep forgetting about that matte lip hack it's the best hack ever as I can't always go out and buy the next new matte lipstick! These are so amazing I'm gonna be trying out some of these especially that mask tip!

    Jasmine :)

    1. Thank you so much! And yes you should definitely try the silicon mitt, it'll make your life easier! And the matte lip trick is amazing! No need to buy new lipsticks, but that never stopped me before!

  3. Thank you for your blog! I have a pre-teen daughter and I don't have a clue on guiding her into appropriate make- up techniques. I will be following you and your helpful tips!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I will check out your blog as well!


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