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MAC Lipstick Finishes: A Quick Guide

Have you ever stepped into a MAC store and wanted to buy a lipstick but felt intimidated? MAC has a huge selection and so many different finishes. What does it all even mean? MAC has 11 standard lipstick finishes. I didn't even know that for awhile, that's crazy. When I first started buying MAC lipsticks, I was confused. I didn't know the difference between a creme sheen or amplified finish. Now, I find myself picking my MAC lipsticks based on their formulas first and then their colors.

In this guide, I'll be talking about some of  the different finishes that MAC offers, just so that you can feel a little less overwhelmed when looking for a lipstick and wondering if you would like that formula. I will be listing the formulas from the highest amount of pigmentation to the least.

1. Retro Matte 

Mac's Retro Matte lipsticks give the most opaque pigmentation but the least hydration. This is perfect for those who want an intense pigmented lipstick but don't mind the somewhat drying formula. It is incredibly long wearing and lasts the entire day through eating, drinking, kissing and what not. Because of it's dry formula and intense pigmentation, it can be hard to apply and can drag across the lips. But it looks beautiful once you can apply it though!

2. Matte 

Most of you lovelies will be familiar with this finish. The Matte finish is slightly more hydrating than the Retro Matte. It provides great pigmentation and usually wears 6-8 hours after the application. It can still be drying and does not have shimmer or sheen in it. There is a heavy color payoff with Matte lipsticks and they are less difficult to apply. 

3. Satin 

The easiest way to describe this lipstick finish is a matte lipstick with a little bit of sheen. Satin lipstick offers a lot of color but is more moisturizing than a Matte lipstick. It has a hint of sheen but is not shimmery. These last about 4-6 hours on the lips and are more comfortable to apply. This finish is probably my favorite out of all of them. 

4. Amplified 

Amplified, what? Amplified finishes are AMPLIFIED. They basically offer similar pigmentation to the Matte lipsticks but have a slight sheen, are much more moisturizing, and comfortable to apply, making them a favorite in MAC for many people. The formula is slightly creamier than the Satin lipsticks and do not have a drying effect. However, they don't usually last longer than 3-4 hours on the lips, so reapplication is needed. It is best accompanied with a lip liner. 

5. Amplfied Creme 

The Amplified Creme is very similar to the Amplified finish but has a creamier formula. It is also highly pigmented and comfortable to apply but doesn't last quite as long as the original Amplified finish. It is best accompanied with a lip liner. 

6. Cremesheen 

The Cremesheen's lipsticks have a good amount of pigmentation but does not have as much as the previous finishes mentioned. It has a creamy formula and has a glossy finish with a good amount of sheen. It is comfortable to wear but does not last long on the lips. This is perfect for those who do not need a lot of pigmentation but appreciate the sheen that this lipstick finish provides. 

7. Lustre 

The Lustre's lipstick finish has a sheer pigmentation, so this is definitely not for those who like a lot of color on their lips. They have a creamy texture and do not last long on the lips. These lipsticks have a sheer and glossy finish. 

8. Frost 

The Frost finish is very similar to the Lustre finish but has a lot of shimmer, creating the "frost" appearance. It has sheer pigmentation and is very creamy. It is comfortable to wear and is moisturizing on the lips. However, they do not provide long wear. 

9. Glaze

Finally, the last lipstick finish that I'll discuss is Glaze. The Glaze formula offer the least amount of pigmentation but are the most moisturizing out of all the finishes I have mentioned. They don't offer much color and give more of a glossy finish. To others, these can appear as lipglosses. They are easy to apply and last for a short amount of time, requiring a lot of reapplication. 


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  1. This is so helpful! I have no idea about all finishes Mac has. Never owned a Mac lipstick (or any product) from them before, haha! Will bookmark this post for when I go Mac makeup shopping one day Xx

    Elle //


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